WWDC 2012 – after keynote

Well this year WWDC keynote was impressive. It was the most solid set of announcement from Apple since a few years.

Refreshed laptops and a new generation MacBook Pro that seems simply stunning with its retina display, its thinner profile and its lighter weight, all this with high performance components. I think it shows where we are going, compared to the first MacBook Air which were at best good as auxiliary machine, typically what an iPad can be used for now, the new models now are very usable as main machine for a lot of activities (I’m using a MacBook Air end-2011 for development). When more muscles are required, for video or photo, the new generation MacBook Pro are the ones to look at. Who will ever want to buy a PC?

That should give some thoughts to big corporations, as to which machines should be given their employees. In my professional career I’ve only worked with wintel machines, an Apple computer has never really been an option for a bank, but now things are changing and big corporation should start to seriously look at Apple as a viable option for them.

On the software front, most rumors have been confirmed with iOS 6. Siri is coming to iPad, though not on first and second generation, iOS receives a new killer app: a refreshed Map app, and Facebook is integrated. Mostly these are consumer oriented features, though they can also have interest for the corporate world they are not really mainstream. I’ll have to dive into the developer APIs to see the details of the changes, what seems to be missing at this stage is the Siri API and that is a disappointment, we will have to wait to develop apps that are natively interacting with Siri.

This is going to be an exciting year again (Yes for some years go from one WWDC to the next one…)